When the SMS Scale is leveled and other preparations and adjustments are made, the beekeeper can place the hive with the extension or semi-extension on the scale.

Then it is necessary to perform tare in order for the weight of this packaging to pass into TARA and SMS Scale records only the yield of honey, or NET worth.

Tare can be done in 2 ways:
by Bluetooth
by SMS

Taring with bluetooth is done by activating bluetooth on a mobile phone and "pairing" with bluetooth SMS Scale. The beekeeper turns on the application for communication with the scales and sends a message TARA. The message he received shows the weight of TARE, and NET is 0 kilograms.
Tare by SMS is extremely simple and is done by the beekeeper sending an SMS to the scale with the content:

After that, he received an SMS message with measurement data on which there is a TARE weight, and NET is 0 kg. SMS Scale will also display different TARE values ​​for hives of different weights.


SMS Scale has 3 ways to measure honey yield.

Weight measurement is performed when the SMS Scale is tared, and it can be performed in the following ways:
by Bluetooth
by SMS
by free call

Measurement with bluetooth is done by activating bluetooth on a mobile phone and "pairing" with bluetooth SMS Scale. The beekeeper turns on the application for communication with the scale and sends the message MEASUREMENT. The beekeeper received a message with the measurement.
Measurement by SMS is done by sending a message to the scales:
- You will perform the measurement with a mobile phone completely free of charge by simply calling SMS Scale, immediately after the call, SMS Scale will "ring" 2 times, and then reject the call. After a few seconds, you will receive a return SMS message, which we call SMS Measurement, with the following information:

Scale: Bees Mountain 1
NETO: 17.82 kg
TARA: 35.86 kg
DI: 3.76kg
GSM Signal: 21 (7 to 31)
Sis.Temp: 16C (-30C to 80C)
Battery status: 5/5

Scale - the name of the scale that the beekeeper gives himself.
NETO - the weight of the yield of honey collected during bee grazing.
TARA - weight of hive, frames, swarm and other useless cargo.
DI - daily income is the yield of honey from the time of intersection (TDI) to the moment when the beekeeper calls the scales. The beekeeper can define the time of daily yield by the command:
TDI xx - xx is the hour of measurement, e.g. the beekeeper can set TDI 06, to weigh the daily yield from 6am to the time of the call. DI can also be negative.
GSM Signal - the signal strength of the GSM network, which should be between 7 and 31, although it is possible to establish a connection with a slightly weaker signal, but without guarantees that the device will always be online. If you have problems with signal strength in some locations, higher quality GSM antennas can solve the problem.
Sis.Temp - system temperature of the device. This is not the outside air temperature. The value of this parameter, in the state of rest, differs only by about + 2C in relation to the real air temperature, so that this parameter can be used, approximately, as a thermometer of atmospheric air. If the Sis.Temp parameter is below 7C (real 5C) it can be expected that the battery supply lasts significantly shorter than expected. This information must be between -30C and 80C, otherwise the device will turn off the GSM module to prevent possible damage.
Battery status - Battery capacity value. It is expressed in 5 divisions, each of which is 20%.


SMS Scale is the only one that has 2 special operating modes.

In the first mode, the SMS Scale is always available and the measurement is performed on call, and in the second mode, the scale performs measurements twice a day and sends one message with a report for that day. The beekeeper himself determines in an SMS the mode in which the SMS Scale will work.
When the beekeeper receives the scale, it is factory set to the first mode, and can perform an unlimited number of measurements during the day at any time. Measurement in the first mode is done by calling SMS Scale for free, and you can find more details about it in Functions / Weight measurements.
The scale can switch to another mode at any time by sending a message:

Before switching to MOD2, the beekeeper can set the terms in which the scale will measure the yield. It can do this no later than 2 minutes after switching to MOD2 by sending a message:
Where xx, yy are the hours in which SMS Scale will perform the measurement. In case the beekeeper does not send this message, he will measure it at intervals of 08 and 20 hours. After the last measurement, SMS Scale sends the daily report by SMS or e-mail.

In MOD2 SMS Scale is unavailable for communication except half an hour after sending the daily report!

After receiving the report, the beekeeper has half an hour to switch the scale to the first operating mode by sending the message MOD1 or to change the measurement times for the next day. If he doesn't do anything in those half hours, the scales will fall asleep again. When the SMS Scale is not always available, the battery life is much longer.

When the beekeeper receives the daily measurement report in MODE 2, the message looks like this:

Scale: Apiary Mountain 1
08h: 10.02kg 20C
20h: 13.75kg 19C
TARA: 35.86kg
DI: 3.90kg
GSM Signal: 21 (7 to 31)
Battery status: 5/5
2016-05-04 20:00:30


This is an innovation for which SMS Libra was awarded at the 6th state fair in Belgrade

One of the innovations designed by our SMS Scale Team at the suggestion of beekeepers is the addition of new extensions and semi-extensions, with SMS Scale not measuring the weight of new packaging, but only the yield of honey.
The process is completely simplified for the user, and all the beekeeper needs to do is to:
1. Before setting the half-extension, it sends an SMS message to scale with the content of TARA1 (at that moment the SMS Scale remembers the current state and stops the measurement until it receives the message TARA2).
2. Place the (half) extension on the hive, and it has an optimal time period of 10 minutes. If during that time it does not manage to set the extension or half-extension, the message TARA1 is canceled, and the SMS Scale continues the measurement as if nothing had happened.
3. When it sets the extension, it sends a message with the contents of TARA2.

From that moment, the measurement continues with the weight of the new extension with frames shifted to TARA, and the NET measurement continues from the value that was before the TARA1 message was sent.
After sending the message TARA2 SMS Scale will perform control measurements and respond to the beekeeper with an SMS in which the new TARA is shown, and NET is unchanged.

With this function, we have enabled the beekeeper to have an insight into the net honey yield at all times and made it easier for him not to manually calculate values ​​(tare and net) every time he adds new extensions and so on as long as grazing lasts.

The beekeeper sends a message:
(adds a new extension to the hive within 10 minutes and returns the lid)
The beekeeper sends a message:
SMS Scale performs a control measurement and the beekeeper receives a message with a new TARA, increased by the weight of the extension, and the same NET weight as before the message TARA1.


Another SMS Scale Team innovation

NET notification is the possibility for the beekeeper to set a certain weight for which SMS Scale will send him a notification when it reaches it.

It is enough for the beekeeper to send a message with the content NET INFO XXX (where XXX is the given weight in round kilograms, maximum three digits).

If the beekeeper wants to receive a notification by SMS when NET reaches 102 kg, he will send a message with the content:
If the beekeeper does not want to receive the notification, extinguish it with a message:
NET notification works only in MOD1, by reading the NET weight of SMS Scale every hour and if it detects that the current NET weight has exceeded the set value, it sends a notification to the user (SMS, e-mail, FTP).


An innovation designed by beekeeper Dejan Milosević

This simple feature gives the beekeeper an insight into:
daily intake of nectar
water removal during the night
number of working bees in the control hive
- approximate daily yield
The innovation works by measuring the weight at 9 pm, and then at 6 am the next day.
The scale continues the control measurements of the load, which continues to fall until it reaches the lowest point. The scale remembers this data and continues the control until the weight reaches 21 hours of the previous day.
At that moment, the beekeeper receives an SMS with all this information, which looks like this:

Scale: Mountain Apiary 1
NET at 9pm was 87.45 kg, at 6am 87.02 kg.
The lever was 86.56kg at 06:46.
The scales were leveled at 08:57.