SMS Scale is the only device of this type that has support for multiple languages.

At this moment, there are Serbian, English, Italian, German, French, Norwegian and Hungarian, while as interest and needs grow, languages ​​will be added later, and all SMS Scale customers will receive a list of commands and User Manual in their native language.

The beekeeper can set the languages ​​of commands and notifications on the SMS Scale with one SMS message. The language codes are taken from the ISO 639-1 two-digit code system, in which sr means Serbian, en English, it Italian, de German, fr French ...

Complete table can see here.

The beekeeper sends SMS with command ISO and two letter abbreviation:
ISO en - and commands will be on English.


SMS Scale Team has made the system of adding users extremely simple.

When the beekeeper buys an SMS Scale and inserts a SIM card into it (which he has previously activated), it is enough to call it and scale will store his number as the first User.

Then the first User will add other Users by sending the command:
ADD NUMBER 06xxxxxxx - where 06xxxxxxx is the phone number of the new User.

The beekeeper can check the added Users at any time by sending the command:

The beekeeper can later delete Users who will no longer use SMS Scale.


The beekeeper can give his SMS Scale a name that will be visible in each SMS message. In case there are more scales, they will always know which scale and apiary it is.

This is achieved by sending a message:
SCALE Bee Zlatar 1 - the name consists of letters and numbers. The length of the name should be up to 14 characters, including spaces.


SMS Scale is the only one on the market that communicates with the beekeeper.

When the beekeeper sends a command to SMS Scale that does not immediately perform a specific action, SMS Scale will send him "OK" as a sign that he understood the command and will apply it, or will send "Unknown command!" as a sign that the beekeeper probably didn't type something properly.

When the SMS Scale responds to commands, it consumes the credit on its SIM card. The beekeeper has the option to turn these notifications on or off via SMS.

It will do this by sending SMS messages to scale:
- if he wishes not to receive notifications: NOTIFICATIONS 0
- if he wishes to receive notifications: NOTIFICATIONS 1

When the beekeeper first starts the SMS Scale notifications are on, so he can turn them off.


SMS Scale is the first to implement the option of SIM card balance check

Balance on the SIM card can be checked in 2 ways:
1. by USSD code
2. by SMS

Examples of USSD codes and SMS messages beekeepers receive with the User Manual.

It is enough for the beekeeper to send one SMS message to the scales with the content:
CREDIT SET [verification option]
Instead of a "check option", the beekeeper should type in a code for his mobile operator. Scale will respond with "OK" if it has received a message and if the code has been entered correctly.
After that, it is enough for the beekeeper to send a message with the content:
SMS Scale will send the credit balance on the card in it.


In case the beekeeper wants to remotely turn off the SMS Scale and start it again, he sends the command:


SMS Scale is the only one in the world to send reports via bluetooth, SMS and the Internet

When the beekeeper is near the scale, he has the possibility of adjusting it and reading with the integrated bluetooth module. All he needs to do is find the bluetooth signal of the SMS Scale, "pair" it with his mobile phone and through the free application he can adjust his scale or read the honey yield.

All functions available via SMS are also available via bluetooth. What can be done via bluetooth, but not via SMS, is a report of what is set on the scales.
The report is obtained when the beekeeper sends the command via bluetooth: