In order for Internet services to work on SMS Scale, it is necessary for the beekeeper to set the Access Point Name (APN)

The SIM card must support GPRS. You can activate by sending one SMS. The command sent by the beekeeper is:

APN mobile operater code


Each SMS Scale has GSM positioning, while GPS positioning is possible with an additional module and antenna

Some terms often affiliated with the SMS Scales are GPS Scales, GRPS Scales… Here we would like to clarify that the SMS Scale of third generation uses GSM technology for positioning.

Using the GSM technology the SMS Scales can approximately (will relative accuracy) send the beekeeper a text message with the coordinates and the link for a visual using Google maps or Google Earth. The SMS message will be sent to the beekeeper after he previously sends a message with the following contents:

The SMS Scales replies with a message containing standard information and the coordinates with a link to Google Maps or Earth. When you click on the link you get in your message either on your smart phone or e-mail it will take you to an address where the location of the SMS Scales will be shown. The message looks like this:

Vaga: Pcele Zlatar 1
Lat: 43.392325
Lon: 21.494751

Note: Due to imperfection in the GSM technology, locating can be off by up to several hundred meters. The SMS Scale Team is constantly working on improving this function with a continuing consultation with experts in local mobile operators.

By adding a GPS module with a GPS antenna, GPS positioning via satellite is also possible, which is precise. The position command and the message that the beekeeper receives do not differ from the message in GSM positioning, except that the location is maximally precise, and a possible deviation of only a few meters.


The beekeeper has the opportunity to receive reports via e-mail

It is necessary that the SIM card be from a package which supports Internet of any mobile phone operator, and to set up APN.

The beekeeper sets to which e-mail he will get reports by sending the scale a message:
EMAIL myname@gmail.com
The e-mail the beekeeper gets contains all the information as in SMS message in MOD1, along with the balance of the card in the SMS Scales.
For more advanced users, there is also the option to set up your own email server. This is done with the following command:
EMAIL SET SERVER address port user code
where address is - server address.


SMS Vaga može da šalje izveštaje na FTP server

The setup command is:
FTP address user code / folder
where the address is the address of the FTP server, the user is the username, the password is the password of the username, and / represents the folder on the server where the data is stored. In case the beekeeper leaves only "/" the data will be placed in the root folder.

FTP report can be turned off by command:


With this command, the beekeeper chooses whether he wants to receive SMS messages, e-mail or FTP report from the scale. When a beekeeper buys an SMS Scale, it is always set to receive a report via SMS. He can choose how to receive the report by sending a message:
REPORT SMS - if he only wants SMS messages
REPORT EMAIL - if he only wants e-mail
REPORT SMS-EMAIL - if he wants to receive both reports
If the beekeeper only wants to receive the report on FTP then he can turn off other reports with the following command: