SMS Scale protects the apiary from theft

The alarm function can be set up in multiple ways. A beekeeper can protect his apiary, hives, container and vehicle by installing microswitches, magnetic sensors or sensors that cover a certain area.
Micro-switches are mounted under the SMS Scale, beehive, beehive lid, inside the vehicle… and with one two wire cable is connected to the electronics of the SMS Scales which has an alarm spot. In case of some movement on the protected area the beekeeper gets a warning SMS message.

The magnetic sensors work on a similar principle. They are made out of two connected parts out of which one is connected by cable to the SMS Scales. They are set up to protect the door of the vehicle or any other object that can be moved. When a movement occurs the beekeeper gets a warning SMS message.

Sensors which cover a certain area work the same way as alarms for protection of a business area or living area by covering a certain space and in case of anyone entering the area which is protected the beekeeper gets a warning SMS message. All the sensors are connected to the SMS Scale and should be placed properly so no space is left unprotected. For setting up this system it may be best to consult with a person who's job is to install this type of alarm.

Once the beekeeper has finished setting up the protection he needs to send a text message with the following contents:

From that moment the alarm is turned on and any breach will result in the beekeeper getting a warning SMS message.

When the beekeeper needs to visit his hives he needs to send the following contents:

The alarm will be deactivated and the beekeeper can go on with his activities normally.

In the case that somebody copromise safety the beekeeper receives SMS:

Scale: Mountain Apiary 1
WARNING: Compromised safety!!!


Another SMS Scale Team innovation

This options signals the beekeeper in case of sudden weight loss which can be an indicator that someone took of the extension from the beehive, that the hive fell or that the bees left…

SMS Scales controls the weight every 5 minutes and in case it notices that the weight is 1kg less than in the previous measurement it will warn the beekeeper via a text message. The beekeeper sends a text message to activate/deactivate this option (same as alarm commands).
When the beekeeper has finished work on his hives and goes home he will send an SMS message:
And when he gets back to the hives:
Text message ALARM STOP also deactivates this option.
In case of weight loss the beekeeper gets a warning message:

Scale: Mountain Apiary 1
WARNING: Weight loss detected !!!


SMS Scale informs the beekeeper in a timely manner that there may be an overload

When the gross weight (beehive, extensions and honey weight) close to maximum load of load cell, the beekeeper will receive warning:

Scale: Mountain Apiary 1
The scales will be overloaded soon. Please reduce weight of the beehive!!!

The beekeeper needs to reduce weight or load cell can be damaged permanently.


SMS Scale will send a message with a warning about the condition of the battery

The battery status is shown at the end of the SMS with the measurement, on a scale of 5/5 to 1/5. For slightly more forgetful beekeepers, there is a function called "battery status" that will send them a message when the voltage on their battery drops to 1/5. The beekeeper then knows approximately how much time is left until the battery is completely empty and can prepare the replacement in time.
The message the beekeeper receives is:

Scale: Mountain Apiary 1
Battery status 1/5. Prepare a replacement.


An innovation that protects the scales from theft

The SMS Scale Team has devised a unique system of protection of the device itself from theft which similar devices do not possess. With our new, revolutionary approach can be left assured that your SMS Scales will be protected at all times.

Due to security and the secrecy regarding this system the details will be known only to SMS Scales buyers. They will get additional information in written form on their own user's manual.

The user's manual available on our site will continue to be visible to everyone, but the part about protection of the device will be left out.