Why choose SMS / GSM / GPS / GPRS Scales?

Devices such as GSM / SMS scales appeared on the market about ten years ago, and now they are an indispensable part of beekeeping equipmentBeekeepers realized the necessity of using SMS Scale, especially in the years of reduced honey yield.

The basic function of each GSM / SMS Scale is to measure honey yield. Apart from the information about the situation "in the field", the beekeeper has other benefits.
The first is that many beekeepers whose apiaries are hundreds of kilometers away from their place of residence have huge savings in costs and time that they would lose on travel. Using GSM / SMS beekeeping scales, they can check the current weight of the collected honey with a free call without leaving their home.

Another, and perhaps more important advantage of using a GSM / SMS Scale is that the beekeeper will, based on the obtained data, create an image of the grazing condition at that location, and eventually move his hives if the results are not satisfactory. Let's not forget that the honey collection season for beekeepers is a resource that cannot be compensated.

In addition, a major problem in recent years is the theft of hives, and entire apiary. With the help of SMS Scale, with appropriate sensors, it is possible to secure individual hivesbeekeeping vehicles and entire apiaries from theft. The GPS module on the GSM / SMS Scale helps to accurately locate the stolen scale, and the GPRS protocol sends all data via the Internet.
During the winter, with the help of SMS Scale, the beekeeper can control the consumption of food and react in time in case of increased consumption.
 smsvaga zastoodabrati
Place the SMS Scales under the hive, regularly perform work on the apiary, monitor the condition remotely and the yield will be maximum.

Why choose our SMS Scale?

The concept and manufacturing of the SMS Scale is nothing new. Plenty of experience gathered by working with electronic devices based on similar technology gave us the necessary knowledge and skills to manufacture a product such as this. Through talking with beekeepers we learned about their needs and the ideas we thought were good were also implemented in the best quality SMS/GPRS scales on market, according to many relevant experts.
The thing that sets our scales apart is the quality make (for which we issue a warranty), the simplicity of usage (setting the scales with a single SMS message), great autonomy (up to 6 months) and a low price. Apart from that, we can make each scales according to the size and demands of the buyer, and in case of a malfunction we send spare parts to your home address within 24 hours. Technical support regarding software and settings is available every day, even on weekends.
From the very beginning of the commercial use of our SMS Scale, this device has been constantly evolving. We have come a long way from the first generation of SMS Scale which only measured honey yield in one mode and had the ability to protect beehives, to today's which have over thirty useful functions, at least half of which are our innovations (which scales from competing producers do not have). Due to the innovations implemented by our SMS Scale Team, we were awarded the 3rd prize at the 6th State Beekeeping Fair in the category of innovations and the 2nd prize for the Best Technological Innovation of Serbia for 2014. In 2017, we also won the first international awards - a gold medal at the Archimedes Innovation Fair in Moscow and a silver medal at the New Time Fair in Sevastopol, as well as a special award from the Technical Faculty of Volga State University in Moscow. In 2018, we won the gold medal of the Association of Inventors of Bulgaria and 5 large gold medals and the grand prize of the Novi Sad Fair for the quality of beekeeping equipment and accessories.
In addition to cooperation with beekeepers and beekeeping associations, we proudly emphasize cooperation with institutions such as the Ministry of State Administration and Local Self-Government, Mihajlo Pupin Institute, Serbian Chamber of Commerce (Group for Beekeeping and Honey Production), Serbian Academy of sciences and arts (Village Committee), Pannonian Bee Cluster, Technical University of Zwollen (Slovakia) and many others.
The quality is confirmed by the obtained CE mark, Serbian mark of conformity AAA and RoHS certificate.

SMS Scale is the only such device protected by the Intellectual Property Office of the Republic of Serbia.


All mechanical and electrical parts of SMS Scale are made of quality materials in compliancewith high environmental standards.
The process of making and manufacturing parts of SMS Scale is mainly done in the company Optical, while the few parts (mainly peripheral parts) are imported.
For all mechanical and electrical parts SMS Scales gives warranty for a period of 2 (two) years.
For all other parts (of other manufacturers) we provide guarantee of their parent companies or importers. Warranty period of each part is highlighted when ordering in our web shop.
SMS Scales Team gives a lifetime guarantee on the software, and all of our customer’s will have free upgrade for software with new features after the expiry period of a two-year warranty.