SMS Scales patentSMS Scales for beekeepers – 3rd generation!

SMS Scales indicator (hereinafter referred to as SMS Scales) electronic device for measuring the weight that has found its application in beekeeping. Due to its capabilities, SMS Scales for hives by the company Optical (Kruševac, RS) is the best device for the beekeeper can at any time, using Bluetooth, SMS messages or Internet service, read the yield of honey.

With the help of suitable sensors beekeeper can get real time data on atmospheric conditions in the apiary, and by motion detectors protect his apiary, hives or vehicle from theft.

From the very beginning, SMS Scales is a device that is recognizable by its innovations that similar devices don’t have, and for one of the innovations has been awarded at the 6th state beekeeping fair. Realizing this award as an incentive for even more persistent work on our invention, we have achieved that our SMS Scales became known out of beekeeping circles when we won 2nd place in the competition for the best technological innovation in Serbia in 2014 within strong competition of 141 inventions.

From 26.12.2014 our SMS Scales is registered as a small patent in the Intellectual Property Institution of the Republic of Serbia under the number 1456 UI, International Classification G01G 17/14; G01G 23/38; G08C 17/01.

SMS Scales has CE mark, Serbian mark of conformity (AAA) and RoHS certification for devices that do not contain heavy metals harmful to human and animal health.

What’s new?

We observe scales SMS as a mobile phone, and the Telecommunications are a segment of technology which dynamically changes. GPS module, processors, memory, and other components that we install in electronics SMS Scales are  improved, with increased capacity, speed, clock speed, reduce consumption, but we also replaced with the latest technology used one in the design of the first generation in 2012.

And what is the price?

The price remains the same! We were looking to create a device to a user (beekeeper) to get the best ratio of price and quality. Despite the constant investment in the device, as well as handouts (Android application, web portal, accessories…), we have maintained the same level of price to the satisfaction of many users.

Tehnical support

SMS Scales - tehnical support

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